Embedded Systems Course in Chennai

The Embedded Systems Course in Chennai at Wiztech Automation is aimed at providing quality training to the software engineers and the others aspiring to enter this field. Students are exposed, during the embedded system course training, to the practical lessons and techniques used to design, implement, integrate and test software used for advanced embedded systems. The embedded system course offers the trainees clear knowledge regarding the life-cycle for designing multi-objective and multi-discipline embedded systems.

Embedded System Training at Wiztech is carried out by expert faculty members in the field who are professionals with hands on experience and matching the professional requirements in the industry. Each and every module in Embedded System Training will ensure that the students thoroughly learn the concepts and the syllabus based specifics in embedded systems, after which they are expected to complete a project using the learned knowledge and the skills. Every student who is serious enough to learn embedded systems would therefore be a winner. Since important aspects in developing software and hardware will be learnt well by the students, it will become easier for them to work hands-on in project based assignments in embedded systems. Depending on the module based requirements in Embedded System training, students are provided with development board in order to do their practicals and projects. Thus they will successfully learn to implement the concepts to do real time projects. The advantage that the students enjoy through 100% practicals at Wiztech greatly helps them in gaining professional knowledge in Embedded Systems.

Special Training Features at Wiztech:

  • - Training is not done in batches. Focus is on individual student. Individual focus helps students to learn thoroughly and faculty also customizes their training process keeping in mind the student’s thorough learning as the primary objective.
  • - 100% practicals
  • - Flexible timings – Facilitates students having possibility to spend only certain specific hours according to their convenience.
  • - Steady Syllabus. Smooth and sequential coverage helps learning easier.
  • - Individual projects increases the students’ potential in Embedded System.
  • - Free Accommodation for needy students.

News & Updates

  • Latest Training Offers Wiztech offers many latest offers for all type of engineering training courses in Chennai.
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  • R&D Works Wiztech is the only institute having R&D Unit for its PLC Automation training. Details Call-9940 426 826

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