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A Microcontroller based kit to build a digital device and / or an interactive object which can sense and have a control on physical parts in an operating system is actually called ‘Arduino’. Arduino board designs are developed using Atmel AVR Controllers or Atmel ARM Processors. Arduino System Platforms Provide Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Which Supports C, C++ and Java Programming Languages. Arduino first made its appearance in the year 2005. Arudino system boards are available commercially in a Pre-Assembled form or ‘do-it-yourself’ kits.

Wiztech Automation trains its students to provide a detailed understanding about Arduino and how Arduino, as an integrated system, could be used in building embedded system's. The students of Wiztech are trained from the very basic level of Arduino based system to its comprehensive level whhich senses and controls equipment where automation is incorporated. Wiztech has earned the name of repute for the Embedded System Training in Chennai. Arduino is an area which requires focused learning. Wiztech Automation can Provide Arduino Focused Embedded System Training that the Students Look For.

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  • Latest Training Offers Wiztech offers many latest offers for all type of engineering training courses in Chennai.
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  • R&D Works Wiztech is the only institute having R&D Unit for its PLC Automation training. Details Call-9940 426 826

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